Does Blackship offer vacuum service?

Yes, we do! :)

This will be especially useful for you who wants to ship things like large plush toys, thick blankets, pillows, jacket. By using vacuum bags, you can significantly reduce the amount of space these items take up, ultimately reducing the shipping cost. Our experience shows that using vacuum bags may save up to $100-$150 in shipping fees. (depending on the items) :)





Blackship offers three sizes of vacuum packs:

1. Medium size (70 cm x 50 cm)

The M size can fit a significant amount of clothing and some plushies but is not suitable for bedding. The cost for one M- size vacuum bag service is 1,000 yen.

2. Large size (80 cm x 60 cm)

The L size can hold more clothing, bulky winter jumpers, thick towels, curtains, and a lot more plushies. The cost for one L-size vacuum bag service is 1,500 yen.

3. Extra Large Size (100 cm x 80 cm)

The XL size is ideal for those who need to ship a large number of plushies or a very large plushie, as well as bedding or wardrobes. The cost for one-XL size vacuum bag service is 2,000 yen.


To opt for this service, you can find it under the additional services section in step three of the shipping options after submitting your shipping request. Please specify which item(s) should be vacuum packed on the provided space.


Some things to note about:

  • The number and size of vacuum bags used will depend on your item and our team's judgment during repacking. Please be rest assured that we will do our best to fit as many items as possible inside the less and smallest vacuum bags possible. We will try to make your items as compact as possible to save on your shipping fee.
  • If your item is too small or too less to vacuum pack, we may determine that this service is unnecessary and will not charge you for it.
  • For plushies, after vacuum packing, sometimes it might resulting the vacuum bag's shape to not be ideal, which can result in wasted space. In such cases, our team may use some of the plushies as fillers to occupy the wasted space instead of vacuuming them all.

If you require further assistance regarding this service, please contact us at

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