Blackship Rewards Plan

What is the Blackship Rewards Plan?

Blackship Rewards Plan is a program that allows customers to save on shipping and services. The more you use Blackship, the more you save! 

The Rewards Plan is perfect for those who:

  • Order frequently from Japan
  • Order periodically, but in large batches
  • Take advantage of specific Blackship services such as photo requests or consolidation

As you earn points, you climb to higher tiers with bigger rewards and savings!

What are points and how do I earn them?

When you join the Rewards Plan, you start off at the Goldfish tier, which has the same pricing as the Basic Plan. However, by earning points you can move up to different price levels with greater discounts and savings. At the highest tier, some services even become FREE!

You earn one point for every $0.25 spent on Blackship. There are many one-time rewards allowing you to earn hundreds of points at once, including

These one-time bonuses allow you to quickly jump to the next price level and save money!

How much does the Rewards Plan cost?

Blackship Rewards Plan is $1 per month, billed annually.

How can I upgrade to the Blackship Rewards Plan from the Basic Plan?

Basic plan users will see a banner on their mailbox page. Click it to be brought to the Billing section.

Alternatively, click on your avatar to bring up a dropdown menu, then click Billing. You can upgrade to the Rewards Plan and start saving!

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