COVID-19: What happens if my package is returned?

During the COVID-19 pandemic we expect packages to be delayed for longer periods than usual and in the worst case, your package may return to us suddenly if shipments cease to your country mid-shipment.

If your tracking shows as returned we will contact you once the return has been processed back into our warehouse, if a package shows as returned for more than one week with no update from us please email at that time. 

Will my package be returned?

If your country is still on the Japan Post White List and you did not select SAL your package should not be returned to us, but it will take longer to arrive. Packages may take 1-3 weeks longer than usual but there is no need for concern, it is just expected delays due to decreased flights out of Japan.

If your country is on the Japan Post Black List or you shipped via SAL your package may be returned to us. Currently, we are receiving returns for packages that were shipped to countries before the new restrictions took place, but some packages are still exiting Japan after long delays. 

We are unable to request a package be returned, it will either return naturally or be delivered to you as soon as possible.

What happens when it is returned? 

If your package is returned to us we will place it in long-term storage and hold the items until we can ship to your country again. This storage is completely free of charge and there will be no additional costs to you. You will not need to pay for shipping again.

Can I reship my package?

When your package is returned to us, you will be contacted about reshipping the package via a new shipping method. You would be charged the difference in shipping cost if you choose this option.

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