Can I undervalue my items? Can I mark them as gift?

Can I undervalue my items?

The answer is yes. Blackship gives you complete freedom to declare and control your own customs value, including lowering them. 

But please note that if you undervalue the item:

  • It's possible that your customs authority may disagree with your value and determine their own commercial or retail value. 
  • In case a package is lost or damaged, incorrect information may cause a denial of your insurance claim. (Or at most, you can only get a maximum of the amount you declared, which might not be the original value if you chose to undervalue them).

Can I mark my package as gift?

Yes, we can mark packages as “Gift”. You can set the type of the package (whether to mark them as "merchandise", or as "gift") by yourself.

Please check this article for more information about our customs declaration system:

Why do people usually undervalue their items?

Most people will undervalue their items and declare them as a gift to avoid paying high customs. We provide optional services such as removing the invoice and price tag due to the high request from our customers, as it might help to avoid unnecessary attention from the customs. But we can't guarantee that you can 100% avoid paying additional tax since it depends on your country's customs too, so it is best if you can speak directly to your local customs to learn more about customs tax.

Please check this article too for more information:

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