Alcohol Handling

ATTENTION: Due to recent updates to the Japan Post terms, bottles over 24% must ship via DHL only.

However, we can not ship to countries where import is restricted, such as USA and Canada, regardless of the alcohol content or shipping method.  

ATTENTION: After requesting shipment or consolidation please send an email to with your package ID(s) and the following details:

- Alcohol Type

- Alcohol Manufacturer

- Volume of bottle (ml)

- Percentage of alcohol

We cannot ship packages out without this additional information. If you are unsure, please send us a link to the product page.

Blackship is able to ship alcohol out of Japan (except to USA and Canada). However, due to restrictions in various countries, we cannot be held responsible for alcohol shipments which are confiscated by customs or returned to us. We would recommend speaking with your local customs authority regarding restrictions on alcoholic beverages.

If you choose to forward alcohol to us, please note the following.

1. In addition to our normal service fees, we charge an extra handling fee for alcohol. This charge is 350 yen per bottle.  

2. We can Parafilm your bottles as an optional service by request. Request this service by including it in the note field when requesting shipment.

3. We recommend shipping all alcohol by EMS (Express Mail Service) for those under 24%, if you have a bottle above 24% you can only ship by DHL.

4. Postal insurance will not cover breakages for alcoholic beverages.

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