Can I discard / dispose of some of the items in my package?

With the current expensive international shipping fee, sometimes you may want to give up shipping some things to save money. 

For example, when ordering albums and photobooks of your favorite KPOP boyband like BTS that comes with LIMITED photocards, shipping just the photocard is tempting to save lots on the shipping fee.

And you know there's an option to dispose of your package with Blackship. But is there any way to dispose of some items inside your package only? 

The answer is yes, you can.

Blackship can help you discard the specific items in your package so that we can repack and only ship the items you want with no additional charge. However, if the process of repacking requires longer time and effort due to the custom request, (such as unboxing items like CDs to take certain requested items one by one), we will charge you an additional service fee for this service. The fee is usually $1 per item.

Please make sure to specify the request and details by writing it down in the 'shipping note' column when you make a shipping request for your package:

We will then do it for you and make your package as compact as possible while ensuring the safety of your items. 

[Please note that to do this request, you will have to approve the rates for the original packages first. But please be assured that you will only get charged for the actual shipping rates, which are based on the final size and weight of your package after repacking.]

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