Do you offer Split Service?

It's Thanksgiving day! You just bought a big order from your favorite shop in Japan, and you can't wait to ship all those presents to your loved family and friends. But how to ship packages to few different addresses? How to specify the detail?

Or perhaps you want to start a dropshipping business and want to ship to international customers all around the world. How to have someone in Japan to help with the shipping?

The answer is simple! Just use our split service! You can separate your package into few shipments easily and ship specific packages to any address in your address book internationally!

How to make a Split request

1. In your Blackship profile, find the package you wish to split and click "details".

2. Under the Special Requests, please click "request" on the Split request.

3. Please make clear instructions in the provided field to let us know in detail about how we should split your package! (Split request is charged $12 per new package created.)

4. Our team will split your package, and you will receive an email notification once this process is complete! 

5. You can now make a shipping request to ship a specific package to a specific address of your choice!

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