Migrating to the new Blackship

Get Onboard the new Blackship

If you were an existing user of a legacy Blackship account, you'll need to register again for the new Blackship. We are very sorry for the inconvenience, but we can't submit the application for you. The new application is faster-and-easier than ever, and we need to collect some additional data to comply with Japanese law.

What happens to my existing packages?

As soon we approve your new application, we will create a work order to migration all existing packages to you new account. We expect that should take 1-3 days. Then you can consolidate-and-ship from your new Blackship account.

What about my current mailbox number? I'm expecting packages for the old address.

Your new Blackship mailbox number starts with the letter "K". It's designed with a checksum to help reduce data entry errors. So please use your new mailbox number whenever possible. 

If you apply for the new Blackship with the same email as your legacy account, we will automatically add your previous mailbox number ("M" number) as an alias on your new account. We will continue to receive packages with the old mailbox number into your new Blackship account. But please start using the new "K" number whenever possible.

Need us to help migrate verification documents from your legacy Blackship account? Click here

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