What do you do with my verification documents?

According to Japanese law governing the "transfer of criminal proceeds", postal service companies like Blackship are expected to keep customer identification documents for 7 years.

We understand your concerns regarding the handling of your sensitive information. We utilize several security precautions to protect your information; including, transport layer security, access control, and encryption at rest (files are stored encrypted). As a security measure, document transfers are one-way; that is, we don't allow customers to re-download their own documents. And, once the document are reviewed and your account is approved, internal staff will no longer have access to the documents. Your documents are securely stored for legal compliance purposes only, and not used for any other purpose, or viewed again.

Here are two references to the law governing customer identification records as it applies to our business:


"A specified business operator shall preserve customer identification records for seven years from the day on which the contract pertaining to a specified transaction terminated or from a date otherwise specified by an ordinance of the competent ministries."   


"When having conducted verification, a specified business operator shall prepare verification records and preserve them for seven years. Transaction records shall also be prepared and preserved for seven years"

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