What services do Blackship provides?

The total service fees for an individual package are displayed on the package detail view in your mailbox, accessible from your Blackship dashboard, and a list of all fees will be displayed before you finalize shipping a package. The payment will be processed after we ship your package.

Required Fees

In order for Blackship to send any package your way, we charge the following fees:

  • Receiving fee: $1 USD for members on our Basic plan (less for those on our Rewards plan)
  • Shipping fee: Based on the shipping carrier, package size, and destination country. A service fee is also included, please use our shipping calculator for an estimate.

Optional Services

Blackship offers a host of services for specific situations including:

  • Consolidation: Combine multiple packages from the same or different stores into one
  • Express Processing: Move your package to the front of the line and get it shipped out as quickly as possible
  • Photo Requests: Take a photo of anything inside your package, including serial numbers and lottery codes
  • Invoice Removal: Remove the invoice before shipping
  • Discreet Packaging: Conceal items in a plastic pouch for privacy purposes
  • Non Branding: Ship items in a box without Blackship branding
  • Price Tag Removal: Remove price tags off of items
  • Storage: Free storage up to 45 days
  • Extra Padding: More bubble wrap and packing paper is included for extra safety
  • Fragile Sticker: Tape with "Fragile" written on it will be added to your package
  • Split: Separate the content of a package into few packages

For an outline of our service fees, check out our pricing page which has them all summarized.                                                          

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