What services does Blackship provides?

The total service fees for an individual package are displayed on the package detail view in your mailbox. It's accessible from your Blackship dashboard, and a list of all fees will be displayed before you finalize shipping a package. The payment will be processed after we ship your package.

For Blackship to send any package your way, we charge the following service fees:

  • Receiving fee: $1.00 for basic plan members; discounted at high levels of the Reward Plan.
  • Shipping fee: Shipping fees are determined by the shipping method, destination, and the size and weight of the package. Use our shipping calculator at any time to estimate shipping for your items.

Blackship also offers a host of services for specific situations, including:

Package services:

  • Consolidation: Combine multiple packages from the same or different stores into one
  • Express Processing: Move your package to the front of the line and get it shipped out as quickly as possible
  • Photo Request: Take a photo of anything inside your package, including serial numbers and lottery codes
  • Split: We can split the items in your package into one or more packages for a $12.00 fee per new package created.

Shipping-Add Ons:

  • Invoice Removal: Remove the invoice before shipping
  • Discreet Packaging: Conceal items in a plastic pouch for privacy purposes
  • Non Branding: Ship items in a box without Blackship branding
  • Price Tag Removal: Remove price tags off of items
  • Storage: Free storage for up to 45 days
  • Extra Padding: More bubble wrap and packing paper is included for extra safety
  • Fragile Sticker: Tape with "Fragile" written on it will be added to your package
  • Split: Separate the content of a package into a few packages

For an outline of our service fees, check out our pricing page, which has them all summarized.                                                          

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