How much tax will I pay?

What is Customs?

A department of the government that collects money on imported goods. This money goes directly to your countries government and none of it goes to Blackship. Blackship cannot control how long a package takes in customs or the amount of money you're charged.

How much Customs Tax must I pay? Is it included in the shipping fee?

Customs Tax is not included in our shipping charges. As the importer, you will be fully responsible for any Custom tax or duty.

Unfortunately, We are not familiar with all the Customs rules for the 150 countries we ship to. These rules are changing all the time, so we encourage you to contact your local Customs office if you have specific questions about their rules and regulations to learn more about regulations before you ship any package to us.

What if I refuse to pay customs tax?

If you refuse to pay the customs tax, your package will either be returned to us or destroyed by your local customs office. If the package is returned to us, you will have to pay for the return shipping cost. 

How can I find out more about customs taxes in my country?

We recommend calling your local customs office and explain what you're purchasing from us and let them know the approximate purchase price. Your local customs agent should be able to estimate how much you'll pay in customs tax when your package arrives. 

You can also visit this website:

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