Kpop Handling Service - Upload a album content photo

Kpop Handling Service - Upload a album content photo to help us understand your requirement

Why we need a photo here?

Nowadays, there are many different items come with an album, although we have a lot of experience of helping people sorting items, package your valuable idol cards with care, we made mistake sometimes if the information is missing. Uploading an "album content" photo will greatly help us navigate the service we can help you.

How can I find out what items are included in my favorite idol's album?

To discover the contents of your idol's album, you have a few easy options:

  1. Official Announcements: Keep an eye on your idol's official announcements for details.
  2. E-commerce Platforms: Search for the album on popular e-commerce stores where such details are often listed.
  3. Simple Search: Just type the album name followed by "content" into a search engine. For example, searching for "Seventeen Content" leads you to pages like Weverse Shop, which details the included items.

What does an album content list look like?

It's a graph-base photo showcase of everything that come with a Kpop album, for example: 

How to mark the photo to tell us your request?

Once you've found the information, let us know which items you want to keep. Mark your preferences and cross out any unwanted items directly on the webpage. This way, our team can assist you efficiently by setting aside the essentials and responsibly disposing of any items you don't wish to receive.

How could you help our team understand your requirements better?

For example, if you're planning to receive 30 albums but only want to keep one lyrics book and 1 album cover, but all idols cards, you can mark them like below.


We highly recommend uploading the official content list and mark it to us(See below). This content list details each item you're expecting to receive, which will help us better understand your request.

What if I can't find the "Album Content" or an album items list photo from a fan group?

It's all OK! We got you! You can still describe what you need and what you don't need. Trying to be more specific could help us understand your requirements.

Do you have any suggestion of image editor that can recommend to me?

If you're using a Mac, the Preview app is great for editing photos right on your mobile phone, iPad, or MacBook.

For a more versatile editing tool, Canva is a fantastic, user-friendly image editor that's free for everyone for basic image editing. It makes adding captions and cross-out images to your photos easy, helping you clearly communicate your needs to us. (Like the image below)

Other option is the basic Microsoft Powerpoint! It's not only a presentation software, but can also be an tool to do this task, you can simply open a empty deck and mark them. After you finish, using the "screenshot" funtion to save the edit image.

Where to upload the photo?

When you choose the Kpop Handling option, a form like the one below will appear, allowing you to upload photos to clearly communicate your specific requirements to us!

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