​Introducing 2-Step Check Out

Ever needed a moment before your package ships from Blackship? Now, with our 2-Step Check Out, you can pause after packing or consolidation! This gives you the flexibility to decide when you’re ready for us to send your package your way.

Why Choose 2-Step Check Out?

  • Understand Your Package Better: Before deciding on a shipping method, discover your package's precise size and weight. While you'll initially choose a shipping method during the 2-step checkout to indicate your preference, remember, this choice isn't final. The 2-step checkout process allows you to change your shipping method after your package is fully prepared, giving you flexibility based on the package's final details.
  • Total Control and Flexibility: Opting for our 2-Step Checkout process grants you unparalleled control over your shipping decisions, ensuring that your package moves forward only when thoroughly ready and satisfied.
  • Flexible Shipping Schedule: From the moment your package is packed or consolidated, we provide up to 7 days of complimentary storage in our warehouse. This benefit lets you make final shipping decisions at your leisure, eliminating any pressure to rush.

How to use 2-step check out?

When you proceed your package to “Ship”, you'll see a fresh option, but everything else stays the same! Opting for "Consolidate & Hold" means we'll reach out after finishing the packing and consolidation. You can then tell us whether to ship it or dispose of it.

Step 1 - Select the Package you’d like us to pack or consolidate

Step 2 - Select “Consolidate & Hold” for shipment

Step 3 - Continue the Request

What Can I Expect When My Package Is "Ready to Ship"?

You will receive an email notification that your package is ready! Please come back to review your final package dimensions and weight and the final price of your shipping fee; you may request to ship from this point or select a new shipping method. When you package is prepared for international shipping and ready to ship, you can enjoy additional 7 days of free storage

Quick note: After checkout, requesting additional services may incur fees, and our team will handle these on a case-by-case basis. We recommend against changing shipping methods at this stage to prevent any delays. Should a change in shipping method be necessary, it may require us to reinspect your package to ensure it meets the new method's requirements.

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