How long does shipping take?

International Shipping from Japan

Shipping times from Blackship depend on which shipping methods you choose. All methods include a tracking number so you can see your packages progress.

Due to COVID-19, we expect that all shipments will take longer than usual to arrive, please allow an additional 1-4 weeks for delivery depending on your selected method.
Shipping Method Delivery Time (average)
EMS (Express Mail Service) about 2-5 days
Airmail usually 7-9 days
Seamail (surface mail)
1-3 months
FedEx Priority about 1-4 days
FedEx Economy about 2-5 days
DHL about 2-5 days

Shipping times are based on post office averages. Actual shipping times may vary.
The most common reason for slow delivery is when packages are delayed by your Custom's authority.

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