Why are some shipping options unavailable?

We provide various shipping options from Japan Post, DHL, and FedEx. If you can't see some of the shipping options, there are a few possible reasons:

1. The shipping options are not available in your country.

Due to COVID, some shipping options might not available to your country. Please check our shipping status page to see what is available for your country.

2. Your package is too big or too heavy for some shipping options

Please refer to this table for further information as certain shipping options, such as Japan Post, have specific size and weight limitations for international shipping:

Shipping Method


Japan Post - EMS


Length + Circumference: Less than 275 centimeters

Max Length: 150 centimeters

Max Weight: 30kg (30,000 grams)

Rest of World:

Length + Circumference: Less than 300 centimeters

Max Length: 150 centimeters

Max Weight: 30kg (30,000 grams) or 20kg (20,000 grams) depending on the country

Japan Post - International ePacket

Max Length + Width + Height: 90 centimeters

Max Length: 60 centimeters

Max Weight: 2kg (2,000 grams)

For Printed Matter (books only) -> Max Weight: 5kg (5000 grams)

Japan Post - Parcel Post Seamail

A Standard (such as the UK, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, etc)

Length + Circumference: Less than 300 centimeters

Max Length: 150 centimeters

Max Weight: 30kg (30,000 grams)

B Standard (such as USA, Australia, Brazil, Mexico, Spain etc)

Length + Circumference: Less than 200 centimeters

Max Length: 105 centimeters

Max Weight: 30kg (30,000 grams)


Length + Circumference: Less than 330 centimeters

Max Length: 274 centimeters

Max Weight: 68kg (68,000 grams)

The formula to calculate the length plus circumference of a package is: Length + 2x(Width + Height)

For instance, if your package measures 100x30x30 (LxWxH), the length plus circumference would be 100 + 2x(30+30) = 220 cm. This size exceeds the maximum limit for seamail shipping to the US.

3. Some of your items are prohibited with a specific shipping courier.

Please check our prohibited items guide and specific common problems guide.

Aside from the items listed in the above articles, some of the custom items you declare might also cause some shipping options not to appear.

For example, if you declare items as "STATIONERY," Japan Post shipping method might not appear cause Japan Post is becoming stricter as they want a better description of the item. In such cases, you would need to update your customs declaration to provide more clarity. If you are unable to find a suitable custom declaration for your package, please contact us at help@blackship.com, and we will be happy to add a new one for you.

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