Can Blackship pay and accept a Cash on Delivery (COD) shipments?

Yes, we can accept Cash on Delivery (COD / 代引き) shipments for packages arriving in our Warehouse.

When you first log in to your Blackship account, you will be asked to approve our COD terms or not approve them. If you agree with the terms, we can pay the COD fee on your behalf and receive the package in your Mailbox.

​COD Service Fees:
Blackship will charge your default payment method for the COD charges plus a 5% fee of the amount of the COD plus a flat fee of $12.00 (converted to your account currency).

For example, a COD payment of $100 would incur $17 in charges. ($100 * 5% + $12 = $17)

You can calculate the estimate of this COD cost if you go to "COD Calculator" on your Blackship page:

How the COD service works:

1. Be sure you've added a payment method and accepted the Blackship COD terms.

2. Once the package arrives in our facility, we'll automatically charge your default payment method for the package cost plus our service fee. (See COD Service Fees above).

  • If the payment is successful, we'll proceed to receive the package and send you a Package Received email notification.
  • If the payment fails, we'll reject the package and reach out to you. If you update your payment method, we can reschedule the delivery and try again.

If the payment fails, and if you don't contact us to resolve the payment for one week after this package arrives with us, there's a chance that the package will be returned to the store and causing your store account to be banned.

If you need to change the selection of the COD terms, feel free to let us know via

And if you need to purchase from a store using Bank Transfer or Convenience Store/Post Office payments, please use our partner proxy buying service Japan Rabbit.

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