Can you accept Cash on Delivery (COD) shipments? Can Blackship help me to pay?

Yes, we can accept Cash on Delivery (COD / 代引き) shipments for packages arriving to our Warehouse.

Starting from Jan 14th, 2022, when you log in to your Blackship account, you will be asked to approve our COD terms or not approve them. If you agree with the terms, we can pay the COD fee on your behalf and receive the package in your Mailbox.

Our COD Terms:
Blackship will charge your default payment method for the COD charges plus a Service Fee equivalent to $12.00 (converted to your account currency) plus 5%.

Should the payment fail upon the package arrival, we will return the package to the shipping courier. To avoid package rejection, before sending a COD package to our facility, please make sure to:

1. Register your payment method to Blackship and ensure that the method is working.

2. Approve the COD terms.

If you need to purchase from a store using Bank Transfer or Convenience Store/Post Office payments, please use our partner proxy buying service White Rabbit Express.

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