Can I order from Mercari Japan or Yahoo Auction with Blackship?

Mercari and Yahoo Auction are the two most popular Market Place Sellers in Japan. 

Registering in Mercari and Yahoo Auction will require you to have an active Japanese Phone number. While you can use our phone number in your Japan address for address forms, we cannot assist with SMS or phone verification on websites. 

If you need to order from such sites that require this kind of verification, you will need an alternative Japanese Phone number to receive the codes.

If you are looking to purchase on Mercari or Yahoo Auction (or even any other sites), you can use the service of our sister company, White Rabbit Express, to purchase for you. White Rabbit Express.

Some of the Japanese sellers are picky, some of them might not like foreigners who can't communicate Japanese properly, and they might not like the proxy buying service or forwarding service. But please no worry! White Rabbit Express has also affiliated with some personal buyers with private addresses, and they can also help you communicate in Japanese. Hence, we have more chances to buy the item you need.

You can even consolidate White Rabbit Express' and your Blackship packages together. Other information, please check here.

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