Guide to Using Your Address

Using your Blackship address on Japanese websites may seem a little daunting at first, but many stores use similar forms and layouts. Google Translate also serves as a useful tool to assist in knowing what information each entry field requires.

You can find your Blackship address on your profile page on Click the avatar to bring up a drop-down menu, then move to "Your addresses."

If you have trouble with your address, you can also send a screenshot of the address form (filled in as best you can) to and we'll help you out.

If you receive any payment errors when shopping or the language barrier is too much trouble, then we recommend our sister site Japan Rabbit, who will handle all the buying and shipping on your behalf. 

Common Phrases and Tips

Japanese addresses are very different from other countries. Although the names of the entry fields may be familiar, they often refer to different aspects of the address, and some components may be completely new.

An example of a Japanese address written in a US/Canada centric style is as follows:

1-15-11 Shinyamashita, Naka-ku - Street address and neighborhood

The following is an outline of common phrases you will find on Japanese websites when using your address.



Blackship address




Stores with this option may ship internationally or are located outside Japan. We recommend checking this information just to be safe.


Full name

Your name

This field is for your first and last name together. This should be a real name but does not have to match your account name with us. 


Furigana or Katakana name

Your name in Japanese

Not all stores require this field but if they do you can convert your name to katakana using this online Katakana converter).

姓 and 名 

Last name and First name

Your last name and Your first name

Sometimes the store will split the first and last name. The last name is usually input first in Japan.


Postcode/ZIP code


If an error is shown, try to enter it without the dash. Some stores may have two boxes for this entry field. Put the first three numbers in the first box, and the last four numbers in the second box.



Kanagawa is the name of the prefecture. This section will often be a drop-down menu, with Kanagawa (神奈川県) being in the upper half.



横浜市 中区 /Yokohama-Shi Naka-Ku

Yokohama is a city (shi) inside of Kanagawa. And Naka is a district (ku) inside of Yokohama.



新山下/ Shinyamashita

In many Western countries, this would also be considered as part of the street address. If you are not sure where to put it, always put it together with the street code (ex. 1-15-11 Shinyamashita).


Street address


If there is no street address, the package cannot be delivered. Be sure to include it. It can go in the same entry field as the neighborhood (ex. 1-15-11 Shinyamashita).




KXXXXXX is linked to your Blackship account and is how we identify your mailbox. Be sure to include it in the same entry field as the building/floor information!


Rest of address

Some stores will not break down your address and instead ask you to put all remaining information in this field. Paste any information that you have not already entered into this field. 


Phone number


If an error is shown for this field try to enter it without the dashes.

Address Examples

The following are some pre-filled examples of popular websites to help you visualize what your address should look like in various situations. If you are confused about where to put some information, it is better to be safe and include information together in the same entry field than to omit anything. While the examples are in Japanese, we recommend using your browser's Google Translate function to assist you.

Adidas Japan





Amazon Japan


郵便番号:231 - 0801

都道府県:神奈川県 (From dropdown menu)



建物名 / 会社名(会社への配達の場合):BS2F


Tora no Ana


郵便番号:231 - 0801

都道府県:神奈川県 (From dropdown menu)




Pokemon Center Japan


都道府県:神奈川県 (From dropdown menu)

市区町村 : 横浜市中区新山下

番地 : 1-15-11

建物名・部屋番号 : BS2F-KXXXXX

電話番号 : 0452259061

BAPE Japan

We also have a video on how to fill the Japan address on BAPE Japan:

If you need any assistance in filling out your address, please contact us at

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