Prohibited items - Shipping rules and restrictions

Prohibited Items - Shipping Rules and Restrictions

As customs authorities and shipping partners become more stringent in enforcing customs regulations, it is important to understand what items can and cannot be shipped to your country.

To help you navigate this process, we have compiled a comprehensive guide to the applicable rules and restrictions. Some items on the prohibited list may surprise you, but they are often regulated for safety, legal, or customs reasons. We aim to help you avoid any potential problems or delays in your shipment. If you have any questions or require further clarification on specific items, please do not hesitate to contact us at

To ensure your items arrive safely and comply with all regulations, we are here to assist you every step of the way.

Remember, this list isn't exhaustive; regulations can vary by destination country and carrier. Always feel free to reach out to us for the latest information and guidance.

The most common prohibited items inludes:

  • Perfume
  • Car-Parts containing oil
  • Ink, Pen (Oil-based)*
  • Sunscreen
  • Nail Polish
  • Hair Tonic
  • Edible Oil
  • Detergent/ Cleaning Agents/ Dye
  • Bleach (Acidic・Alkalinity)
  • Insecticide・Pesticide
  • Lithium-ion Batteries (without devices)
  • Toner (Printer)
  • Lighter・Oil for Lighter

* Ink isn't off-limits for us; we ship it regularly. You'll need an SDS (Safety Data Sheet) for shipping with DHL or Japan Post, which can be tricky to get. FedEx requires a simpler TSCA form, making it a popular choice for ink shipments among our customers. Note: Oil-based ink is an exception and cannot be shipped. If you're unsure about your ink shipment, please contact us for guidance.

What happened when we found the package arrived with a Non-shippable item in your Package?

When an item in your package is identified as prohibited for international shipping, we will place it back into your personal 'Mailbox' in our system. We regretfully won't be able to proceed with sending entirely restricted items that cannot be shipped abroad at all. In such cases, you have the following options:

  • Dispose of the Item: You can request for us to safely dispose of the prohibited item on your behalf.
  • Domestic Shipping Options: If you prefer, you can arrange for the item to be shipped within Japan. This could include sending it to a friend or returning it to the seller. Please reach out to us via email for assistance with this option, as it may vary depending on the specific items.
  • Personal Pickup at Our Warehouse: Alternatively, you are welcome to personally pick up the item from our Blackship warehouse.

We aim to offer you practical and compliant solutions while respecting your choices for your purchased items.

For additional details on packages with prohibited items, please visit our page: 'Package Contains One or More Prohibited Items.'

Shipping Restrictions by Carrier

Different carriers have different rules. Here's a quick guide to help you understand what items FedEx, DHL, and JP won't allow for international shipping. Take a peek below to ensure your items are good to go

  Non-Shippable Items (Prohibited Items) 

⚠️ Conditionally Shippable Items 

Standard Shippable Items


Foods, drinks

❌ Canada, China, Macau, France, Hong Kong

⚠ DHL Japan has indicated that restrictions apply to importing food into New Zealand. It is advisable to consult with the New Zealand DHL office regarding any specific documentation required.

Edible oil

Alcohol drinks (Up to 24%)

❌ USA, Canada, Taiwan, Macau, France

Taiwan: EMS only

Alcohol drinks (25% ~69%)

❌ USA, Canada, Taiwan, France

Beauty Oil 

Cosmetics (Ethanol-free Items)

※ Contain Phenoxyethanol: ✅

※ Contain Cetearyl Alcohol: ✅

※ Contain Ethanol: ❌

With SDS (Safety Data Sheet): O



※ Require SDS (Safety Data Sheet) to show no ethanol in it

Cosmetic (Ethanol Items)

※ Sunscreen, perfume, nail polish, shampoo, conditioners, body soaps, bath salts (including liquid), hair tonics, perfumes

※ Bath salts (including liquid), hair tonic, etc.

Cosmetic Brushes

(Please confirm with Fedex)

Nail Polish

Lotion (Adult) 

Over-the-counter medication (Class 2 and 3 medicine), supplements

❌ Cyprus, France, Italy

Detergent, cleaning agents, dye (fabric)

Bleach (Acidic・Alkalinity)

Watches (all shapes and sizes, including wristwatches and wall clocks)


Glasses, sunglasses, telescopes



Glasses, sunglasses (frames only), telescopes 

Contact lenses (including colored lenses)



Shoes, sandals, slippers


Precious metals

(gold, silver, platinum, gemstones, pearls)


⚠️ Parcel - Depends on the shipping country

Lithium-ion batteries

(Less than four cells or two batteries.) It must be installed in a device.

(Require the Special Sticker)

• Cell:≤ 20Wh

• Battery:≤ 100Wh

• 5 kg of lithium-ion batteries per package

(Require the Special Sticker)

Cell:≤ 20Wh

• Battery:≤ 100Wh

• 5 kg of lithium-ion batteries per package


(Special sticker is not required)

❌ Unable to ship with Parcel Seamail

❌ Unable to ship by EMS

• Parcel Airmail

• Argentina

• Germany

• Italy

• Ireland

• Saudi Arabia

• Thailand

Lithium-ion batteries (more than five cells or three batteries.) Must be installed in a device.

✅  (Require the Special Sticker)

• Cell:≤ 20Wh

• Battery:≤ 100Wh※5 kg of lithium-ion batteries per package

✅ (Require the Special Sticker)

• Cell:≤ 20Wh

• Battery:≤ 100Wh※5 kg of lithium-ion batteries per package

Lithium-ion batteries (without devices)


Dry cell batteries

Button batteries

(Must be installed in a device)

Ball Pen


(Please contact us)


❌ Over 1 ml

Ink (Water-based)

Water-based Pen

Pen (Oil-based)

Printer Toner 

Lighter and Lighter Oil

Zippo lighter

Only the outer case can be sent.

(The inner case must be removed for shipping.)

Only the outer case can be sent.

(The inner case must be removed for shipping.)

Only the outer case can be sent.

(The inner case must be removed for shipping.)

Pyroelectric stones

(for Zippo and lighters)

Filters containing charcoal

Paper type Filter only Possible

Insecticides and pesticides

Adhesives (flammable)

Adhesives (non-flammable)

Industrial magnets

(General magnets can be shipped)

Cigarettes & E-Cigarettes (Tobacco)

Aroma Oil・Essential Oil

Incense (Incense and Incense Powder)


DVD, BluRay, Laser disc


Nintendo Switch

(3 batteries included)

Toy Gun (Airsoft gun, Model gun)

Swords and Toy Swords

Wireless earphones with case

(three batteries included)


Mobile battery, portable battery bank

Speaker (under 40cm)

Including those included with amplifiers, etc.



Steering wheel with airbags/airbags

Air-conditioned seat belt pretensioner

Suspension shock absorber

 (Shipping is not possible mainly because the following items are included: Oil, cylinder, piston, and high-pressure gas. Please see the reason below)


  • Includes grease on vehicle parts and equipment

Products with oil or lubricant

(Ex, car parts, motorcycle parts, car and motorcycle accessories or toys, etc.)

Engines (including those for toys)

We are unable to ship specific items internationally due to safety concerns. The following explanation and materials are classified as dangerous goods and prohibited from shipping.

Items containing gas 

(including liquid gas)

  • High-pressure gas (gas cylinder, cassette)
  • Helium gas, chlorofluorocarbon gas, nitrogen (including liquid)
  • Gas products for camping (portable gas stoves, etc.)

Spray cans

  • All sprays in cans including hair spray, deodorant spray, lacquer spray, etc.
  • All sprays in cans such as air Salonpas
  • Highly concentrated oxygen injectors, portable oxygen inhalers
  • Oxygen cylinders (aqualungs), fire extinguishers


Small oxygen generators

Hazardous substances, Harmful drugs, Poisonous substances, Corrosive substances. 

  • Psychotropic illegal drug inhalation devices, anesthetics, and related drugs
  • Mercury (batteries, thermometers, blood pressure gauges, etc. containing mercury)
  • Chloroform, bleach peroxide, oxidizing agents
  • Charcoal, asbestos, and asbestos
  • Uranium, plutonium, thorium, nuclear waste, radioactive materials
  • Formalin, formaldehyde
  • Deleterious insecticides, insect repellents, pesticides

Cash and cash equivalent items

Lottery tickets, cash, gift certificates, food and beverage coupons

Important art objects

National Treasures, Important Cultural Properties, Important Art Objects

Other documents, etc.

Official documents and counterfeit currency

Organisms and plants

Animals, insects, bonsai, ornamental plants, and items with soil attached

Gas-producing substances

Dry ice, sodium hydroxide, barium carbonate

Inflammable substances

Alcohol, thinner, igniters, cooking oil, fuel (gasoline, kerosene)

Explosives (fireworks, crackers, firecrackers and ammunition)

Items that are in violation of the Washington Convention

Stuffed specimens of plants and animals, ivory, tortoiseshell, fur, crocodile skin, snakeskin, lizard skin, and other plant species insects.

Raw Materials

Raw food, meat products, raw milk, eggs, and all items that cannot be stored at room temperature.

Printed matter and media

Illegal adult-oriented merchandise and obscene materials, pirated CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray discs, etc.

Suspension shock absorber

Suspension shock absorbers often come with High-pressure gas (gas cylinder, cassette), which is forbidden to ship abroad.

Car Parts/Car Components

※ Includes grease (oil) on car parts and equipment.


※ Includes grease on car parts and equipment.

We do not allow the shipping of illegal items, which include:

- Drugs, including illegal drugs or narcotics, products, or tools intended for drug creation or use, and ingredients for drug cultivation, such as cannabis plant seeds

- Stolen goods (If a purchased item is reported stolen, it could be confiscated according to criminal procedure regulations)

- Explosives

- Live animals

- Human organs, bodily fluids, and items contaminated with bodily fluids

- Items facilitating identity theft (e.g., account credentials, user login information, and/or account access codes)

- Items containing a computer virus, malware, or spyware

Please note that if we find any illegal items, we reserve the right to report you to the police.

For additional restrictions for DHL and FedEx, please visit 'Shipping restriction for DHL & Fedex.'

We also recommend viewing the official prohibited item list by Japan Post for the most up-to-date information.

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