Required information when using Japan Post to Brazil

When shipping via all Japan Post methods to Brazil, additional information is required for your items. This helps ensure the package is processed through customs smoothly. Not including this information will result in returns, long delays, and possible confiscation of packages.

If you cannot or do not want to provide this information, please use FedEx or DHL to ship your package. We cannot assist with sourcing this information for your packages.

What information is required

When requesting Japan Post shipping methods during checkout, you will see an "Additional Customs Details" screen.

Here, you will need to include the following information for each item contained within your package in English characters:

- Full name of the item

- Manufacturer's name

- Country of manufacture

- Manufacturer's address

- Item URL (this is used for our reference only and not provided to Japan Post or customs)

How to find the required information

We cannot assist you with finding the information required to use Japan Post for your shipment, but we hope the below will help you find the necessary details. If you cannot find the necessary details, please use DHL or FedEx for shipping instead.

Full name of the item

This should be included on the page where you purchased the item. If the item name contains words that may be seen as offensive, sensitive, or controversial, describe what type of item it is. For example, you may provide the item name for a doujinshi book as a "Self-published fan book”.

Please note that this field has a character limit of 40.

Manufacturer's name

The manufacturer is usually referred to on pages as "メーカー,” "ブランド,” "出版社,” "製造者," or "製作者". Searching for this text on a page with Ctrl + F may find the manufacturer quickly.

On large sites like Amazon or Rakuten, the manufacturer's name can often be listed as part of the item name.

If all else fails, you can use the name of the website you purchased from. If you are unsure what type of company they go by, you can use the default option in the drop-down.

Country of manufacture

Some item pages may include this information under sections such as “原産国.”

If you cannot find the information, it is usually safe to use Japan, but it would be best to always use the country that matches the Manufacturer's address you find if you are unsure.

Manufacturers' address

Once you find the manufacturer's name, you should be able to use that along with "住所" to search Google for the matching address. The address may also be found on the manufacturer’s website in the “特定商取引法” section (usually in the footer).

Businesses registered for tax in Japan can also be searched at this site to find their address, such as Uniqlo.

Item URL

Copy and paste the URL where you purchased the item from your browser's address bar. If the item was not purchased from a normal store, use a URL that shows the item details and photo instead.

This URL is not sent to Japan Post or customs. This is only for our internal verification.

But I can't read Japanese!

If you have trouble navigating websites to find the necessary information, we recommend running the sites and text through a translation tool such as Google Translate, DeepL, or ChatGPT. These should assist you with navigating sites to find the relevant information and translating the manufacturer information into English characters.

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