What if I made a mistake inputting the address?

There are a variety of different input fields for addresses on Japanese websites. How you input the address on one website may be different than another, which could lead to mistakes. No worries, as Blackship is here to help with any address mistakes or errors.

I made a mistake inputting the address

If you notice you made a mistake when inputting the address and already submitted it, we can try and contact the store or the shipping carrier on your behalf. 

If you simply forgot to input a part of the address, it will likely be held by the post office. However, if you input the wrong address (such as using 6-12-7 instead of 6-2-7 for the street address), then there is a risk that the package could be delivered to the wrong place. We recommend contacting us immediately if you made a mistake with the address.

Once your package has been shipped from the store, please provide us with the tracking number you received in the shipment confirmation email so we may contact the carrier.

The site won't accept the address / I don't know what to input in the address field

If you are having trouble inputting the address or are unsure what information goes in what field, we recommend using our address guide. If you still need assistance, please contact us through chat or help@blackship.com so we may assist you. It is always better to wait for assistance than to rush and make a mistake!

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