Shipping White Rabbit Express and Blackship packages together

Our sister site White Rabbit Express is designed to help with all your Japanese purchasing needs when you can't handle them yourself. If a store refuses your card, or it is simply too difficult to understand you can order with White Rabbit Express.

We allow packages from White Rabbit Express and Blackship to be consolidated and shipped together to save you money.

If you want to migrate a package from White Rabbit to Blackship, you can fill this migration form with your name, White Rabbit's package ID (Starting with PX), and your Blackship Mailbox ID (Starting with K). We will then queue the item to be received into your Blackship mailbox within one business day.

Please note that these packages are treated as a normal Blackship package and thus attract all our regular service fees.

If you have any trouble with migration, please contact for more information.

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