Can Blackship help to buy items for me?

Since Blackship is a forwarding company, we can help to receive the item you buy yourself and forward them to your location. However, we can't help to buy items on your behalf.

If you need help ordering from the store by yourself (you have an issue with payment), we have two recommendations for you:

  • If the store offers delivery using a Cash on Delivery (COD) method, you can ship to your Blackship address with this method. (Please make sure you have approved the COD terms and add a registered payment method to Blackship).
  • Use our proxy sister service, Japan Rabbit to make the purchase for you. They can also help to buy from sites like Mercari and Yahoo Auction. Once the package arrives at Japan Rabbit, you can also migrate them to Blackship so you can consolidate them with your other Blackship packages for free! For additional information, please check here.

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