What is Package Forwarding?

Buying from Japan can be difficult, as many stores don't ship internationally and require customers to have a domestic shipping address. Blackship's package forwarding service gives you your own personal address in Japan so you can shop from thousands of Japanese stores and have the packages reshipped to you. 

Our service is designed for individuals and businesses that can handle payment and any communication with Japanese stores directly. We then ship to your verified address. If you need help with a purchase due to payment trouble or language barrier, you can use our sister buying service, Japan Rabbit.

We are also able to handle Cash on Delivery. Please check this article for more information.

How to use Package Forwarding

1. Sign up and get your free Japanese address from Blackship.

2. Shop on a Japanese online store and enter your Blackship address as your delivery address. See this guide to enter your address here.

3. When we receive a package in your mailbox, you'll receive an email notification. (You don't have to inform us when you ship your package.)

4. Choose your shipping method, enter customs information, and take advantage of optional services such as consolidation, expressed processing, photo requests, and more.

5. Our team will ensure that your package is fit for the international shipment and send the package your way.

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